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MAGNIFICENCE BEYOND: A Presentation of Faith

ISBN-13 : 978-1072821199

The power of faith during a time of healing. Having two brain tumors within five years one may wonder how can there be adequate faith for such a battle?


I examined my own faith and belief through this health crisis. Though, regardless of the trial, whether it is financial, health related, relational, or provisional, I wrote Magnificence Beyond: A Presentation of Faith to present an account of faith and belief that actively demonstrates God’s presence, guidance, and power to take hold of our cares when we willingly pass them on to Him. Through His devotion to us and love for us He gives us what we need to handle what we face.


Many times going beyond the immediate issue to give us victory over the unforeseen. My hope is that it is encouraging and inspiring and offers up support to help strengthen one’s faith and assist in building hope, while enriching the closeness between us and God.

Available on Kindle and in Paperback

When the hand of God is upon you it is His strength that you move under.

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