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Fourteen years old, the last week of junior high school I sat with my English teacher in her classroom watching her sign my yearbook. She closed it, handed it back to me and gave me hug. "Good luck to you."


As I walked down the hallway, I flipped through the book to locate her signature. What she wrote brought a smile to my face. "Keep writing!"


Sixteen years old, I sat at my desk in high school History class staring down at a blank piece of lined, white writing paper. We had been given an assignment to write a poem or an essay for Black History Month on the theme, Being Black with Pride and Dignity. 

Well, I for sure was not going to spend the time writing an essay so I set my mind and thoughts on a poem. Two weeks later I received my first-place prize and trophy.

This is how it all started for me. Throughout my life I've penned screenplays and a poem that was received by the National Poetry Library.

My first published piece was a short story of the effects that teenage rape, betrayal and unforgiveness can have on adulthood. 

Published books include two faith-based, non-fiction works and currently working on a short story, and a novella, with my first novel in the editing stage.

A survivor of meningioma, a brain tumor, I have successfully journeyed through two brain surgeries within a span of five years. My latest book MAGNIFICENCE BEYOND: A PRESENTATION OF FAITH was penned while healing from the latest surgery. It chronicles my path of faith from discovery to recovery.

Manifestation of authorship came later in my life which is a reminder, no matter your age or life's obstacles, to never give up.

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